May 6, 2011

Patersweizen / Belgian Summer Ale

Paterweizen -- 1.044 - 1.013 -- 4.1% ABV
Summer Abbey Ale -- 1.047 - 1.006 -- 5.4% ABV
66% efficiency

This was originally going to be another batch of El Jefe, but Blockader was out of Pilsener malt. I substituted something new, Abbey malt in its place:

The Malts:

10 lbs Wheat malt

5 lbs Vienna malt

4 lbs Pilsener Malt

Belgian Summer Ale: add 1lb sugar

The Hops:

2 oz Hallertauer (3.9%AA -- 60 minutes)

Abbey Ale: add 1oz Styrian Goldings (5.4%) -- 15 minutes

The Yeast:

Paterweizen -- Weinhenstephaner Hefeweizen

Belgian Summer Ale -- Wyeast 1214

Reflections on Brewday: My efficiency sucks 66%. I don't know if it is the fact that I am using wheat (I remembered the rice hulls this time even), or something else I am doing. Everything else went great. The scrubby was really slowing me down; I think I saved at least 90 minutes taking it off.

Paterweizen Notes:

5.29.11 -- Gravity at 1.013 -- kegged

Belgian Summer Ale Notes:

5.29.11 -- Gravity at 1.011 -- Racked into secondary with culture of Brett B and 1 oz medium toast French oak chips

7.7.11 -- Gravity down to 1.009. Seems to have a little way to go, though the Brett flavor as well as the wood is starting to show through.

9.26.11 - 1.005 wood and Brett are tasting good. Will check again I. A few weeks to see if it is stable.

10.18.11 -- reading 1.006 - 1.007. I can't imagine it going up, so I am calling this stable and ready to bottle.  Brett aroma is really there.  The beer is really dried out, and maybe a bit thin.  Wood flavor is nice, but one-dementional (I am going to start using cubes.).  Overall this is going to be a good summer beer.

10.25.11 -- Bottled at around 4 volumes CO2

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