Aug 31, 2013


Second Place: English Pale Ales
Peach State Brew-Off 2014
1.044 -- 1.010
41 IBU
4.5% ABV


13 lbs Marris Otter
4 lbs Flaked Wheat


. 50 oz Pacific Jade (14.2% AA) -- 60 min
1oz Nelson Sauvin (11.4% AA) -- 15 min
1oz Simcoe (13%AA) -- 10 min
1oz Simcoe (13%AA) -- 0 min
1oz Nelson Sauvin (11.4%AA) -- 0 min
.50 0z Pacific Jade (14.2%AA) -- 0 min


8 gallons of strike water
2.125 gallons absorbed
at least 8.125 gallons of sparge water needed.


Dough in 6:03 am 155 degrees.

First runnings 1.051
Almost 6 gallons

Pre-boil gravity 1.026. 14 gallons. Coming in a little low me to recalculate hops.

I made the following adjustment Pacific JD is now half an ounce at 60 minutes an half an ounce at zero minutes

New IBU I BU 41.40

Final gravity 1.043. I don't know how this happened I think it is a little higher than I expected because I boiled it really hard to try to get as many points as possible. I think I got more than I planned.

9.21.13: Half racked to keg, half racked to cask (primed to 2.3 volumes)
12.28.13 - a later note: the keyhole bung failed when i was filling the cask, and the beer intended for the cask was rushed into growlers to prime. Beer was overcarbonated, but otherwise very good. The keg version has not been tapped yet -- it is next.