Dec 28, 2013

Keller E.P.

Keller E.P.
1.050 - 1.005
 41 IBU
5.9% ABV

Malts: 16# Weyerman Pilsner + 3# Munich II + 1# Carapils

2oz Spalt (4.8% AA)- 60 min
2oz Hallertaur (4.3% AA) - 30 min
2 oz Hallertaur (4.3% AA)- 15 min
2oz Saaz (3.8% AA) - 15 min
1 oz Saaz (3.8% AA) - 0 min

9 gallons strike water
2.5 gallons absorbed
at least 7.5 gallons sparge water needed
total water: 16.5 gallons

Brewday Notes:
Fire lit at 6:36 AM
mash in at 7:20 AM
Initial mash temperature 146°F
8:53 AM first runnings 1.063. Just shy of 6 gallons.

14 pre-boil gallons at 1.041
11:10 AM final gravity 1.050. A little bit less than 12 gallons. Also I added 2 ounces of Saaz at knockout instead of one.

11:54 AM chilling done beer is in the buckets.

Completely done cleaning and all at 12:40 PM

1.26.14 - Gravity reads 1.005. Primary fermentation has been in the high fifties with the exception of a day or so in the low 60s. I have attempted a diacetyl rest of sorts, but it has been damn cold, so I do not think it even got to 65 once I removed the buckets from their fermentation chambers. I tasted it again today, and did not notice any diacetyl flavors, these are going to be ready for their cold conditioning.

Dec 11, 2013

Smokey the Bandit

Smokey and the Bandit, Sally Field Giving the Finger

Smokey the Bandit
1.040 - 1.007
28 IBU
4.3% ABV

The Malts:

10 lbs American 2-row
3 lbs Cherry Smoked Malt
1.5 lbs Chocolate Wheat Malt
1 lb Carastan
1 lb 80L Crystal Malt


1 oz Target (8.5%AA) - 60 min
1 oz East Kent Golding (5.6%AA) - 30 min


7.5 gal strike water
1 gal mash-out
at least 7.6 gal sparge water


S-04 slurry from Bullfrog Brown

1.4.14 - Both buckets are now kegged. The one today may have a slightly lower final gravity than the one I kegged a couple days ago. The lower F.G. version is in the keg that says "use last".