Jul 10, 2015

El Jeffe Amberweissen

El Jeffe Amber Weissen

1.054 - 1.009
21 IBU
5.9% ABV

Take Off, You Gose
1.043 - 1.007
16 IBU
4.7% ABV

The Thing:
Second 15-gal brew. All one wort (target 1.049). Last four gallons to be diluted with a gallon of water for close to 1.039. Small beer to get smoked sea salt (or other variety) and lactic acid. May also get some citrus peel, though I think the flavor may clash with sourness -- may opt for coriander or something else. 

The Malts:
10# Malted Wheat
15# Vienna Malt
4# Flaked Wheat

1.5oz Centennial (9.1% AA)

Other Ingredients (Small Beer Only):
Indian Coriander (.5oz boiled for 10 min)
Pink Himalayan Salt (around .75oz)
Lactic Acid (5ml per Gallon)

Wyeast 3068 (10 gal)
US-04 (5 gal)

The Mash: Here's the plan: Initial protein rest will be at 122 degrees. After twenty minutes, I will pull a large (nearly half of the mash) decoction and heat it to 155. I will hold it there with a lid and a sleeping bag for about fifteen minutes before bringing to a boil. At that point I will add the decoction to the main mash until the saccrification temperature of 146. This rest will be held for one hour, before mash-out (around 168).

  • 122 - 20 min
  • Decoction 155 - 15 min then boil
  • Return decoction to 149 -- 45 min (should not have added the entire decoction - was aiming for 146. Changed time from 30 to 45 min
  • 154 - 20 min
  • 166 - 15 min
  • Mash out - 170

Brewday Reflections:

  • Decoction was a little too much, and I should not have added the entire thing back to the mash. This raised the temp to around 172. I got it back down to 149 by adding water.
  • I added a 166 rest to allow the mash to circulate more since it did not circulate during the 149 rest since it was warmer than I wanted.
  • Added an additional 15 minutes to the boil since it did not seem as though I was boiling off enough.
  • Efficiency higher than calculated = 16.5 gallons of 1.054 wort, rather than 16 gallons of 1.049 wort.


Fermentation has been vigorous, especially the 3068.
Fermentation started around 63 degrees. Allowed to climb to 65-70 degrees.