Sep 30, 2012

Cyrus Wheat I.P.A.


Wheat IPA


7.3% ABV

70 IBU

I had a lot of flaked wheat and a lot of American hops. What was I to do?

The Malts:

17 lbs Marris Otter
9 lbs Flaked Wheat
4 lbs Blockader House Toasted Malt

The Hops: 

1.25 Magnum (13.5%) - 60 Minutes
1 Centennial (8.8%) - 20 Minutes
2 Zythos (10.9%) - 10 Minutes
1 Centennial (8.8%) - 10 Minutes
1 Simcoe (14.4%) - 2 Minutes
1 Centennial (8.8%) - 2 Minutes
1 Zythos (10.9%) - 2 Minutes

1oz Columbus -- dry 9-10 days
1oz Zythos -- dry 9-10 days

Mash: Single Infusion 150 degrees

First Runnings: 1.090
Second Runnings 1.050
Preboil: 1.052
Original Gravity: 1.061

Yeast: Pitched 9.30.12
5 gallons - US-05 - laundry room
5 gallons - US-04 - hall

11.3.12 - Tasting sample from the hall (s-04) hop aroma and flavor are both fruity and dank both at a moderate level. Finish is very dry and very bitter. Next time I am going to dial back the bittering addition. As this tastes, it may be close to too much. I am pleased overall, and will see what's up once this beer is carbonated.

2.15.13 - 

Tasting Cyrus:

Appearance: Dark gold / light copper with a thick white head that is very persistent and marks the glass all the way to the end.

Aroma: Hop aroma (duh) up front which is piney and resinous, and then gives way to more fruity hop characteristics like mango and orange. Some grainy sweet malt aroma as well as some faint esters (this is the US-05 version), which are hidden behind the hop aroma. No diacetyl

Flavor: Medium toasty with a touch of caramel malt sweetness followed by a very long hoppy finish that starts out with tropical fruit flavors (mostly mango, but also orange and other exotic fruits (passion?)) but then gives way to more piney and resinous hop flavors that linger much longer into the finish. Hop balanced, but malt characteristics are not completely overwhelmed. The beginning of the taste has a nice showing from the malts (bread, grainy, toasty) before hops take over. Slight fruity esters, but these tend to comingle with the hop characteristics which are also fruity. No diacetyl.

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with medium carbonation. Creamy texture with no hot alcohol sensations. Hoppy bitterness is a little prickly on the tongue, but not unpleasant. No astringency.

Overall: I am very pleased. This turned out the way I wanted: an IPA but not a blow your brains out version of the style. Zythos hops (which were free) (mango) make for an interesting combination with the Centennial (piney) and the Simcoe (orange / citrus). The unmalted wheat also adds the grainy characteristic to go along with all those hops.  I cannot immediately think of improvements I would make at this point.