Feb 15, 2014

Estimated Prophet

Fire Wheel Burning in the air

Estimated Prophet
West Coast Pale Ale
1.051 - 1.006
5.8% ABV
44 IBU

I'll call down thunder and speak the same
17# American 2-row
2# 60L Crystal
2# Flaked Wheat

My word fills the sky with flame
1oz Cluster (6.8% AA) - 60 minutes
1oz Columbus (16.4% AA) 15 minutes
1oz Cascade (8.9% AA) - 10 minutes
1oz Columbus (16.4% AA) - 5 minutes
1oz Cascade (7.5% AA) - 5 minutes
1oz Columbus (16.4% AA) - 0 minutes
1oz Cascade (7.5% AA) - 0 minutes

Might and glory gonna be my name
US-05 Slurry from Keller XP

Men gonna light my way
8 gallons strike water
2.6 absorbed
at least 8.6 gallons sparge water
Total water needed - at least 16.6 gallons


Mash begins 7:45 AM
Mash temperature 154°
Had to add some boiling water at the beginning of the mash to bring it up to temperature. Closer to 9 gallons went into the mashed instead of eight.
First runnings 1.065. About 6 1/2 gallons.
Final gravity 1.051.
All done cleaning up 1:45 PM

3.8.14- racked one bucket into the cask and primed at 3.4 volumes of CO2. Flavor was very good, though strong for a cask beer. Mash temp at little lower than I wanted, and S-05 is a bit more attenuative (even more so than I thought).