Feb 3, 2013


American Pale Ale
1.050 - 1.013
39 IBU
4.8% ABV

The Malts:

12 lbs American 2-row
5 lbs Unmalted Wheat 
3 lbs Victory Malt

The Hops:

.75 oz Columbus / Tomahawk (16.4% AA) -- 60 minutes
1.25 oz Columbus / Tomahawk (16.4% AA) -- 10 minutes 
.25 oz Columbus / Tomahawk (16.4% AA) -- 5 minutes
1 oz Simcoe (13.2% AA) -- 5 minues


Dry S-04


8 gallons strike water
2.5 gallons absorbed
5.5 gallons first runnings
at least 8.5 gallons sparge water needed  

Not a clone of this.

Brewday Reflections:


Dough-in: 6:50 a.m.
Mash temp 153

New Orleans Music / Mardi Gras / Tomnahawk!! / Indians

First runnings 1.082
Second Runnings 1.042

EDIT 5 min addition: .25 oz Columbus + 1oz Simcoe (13.2%aa)
New IBU = 39

Original Gravity = 1.050

Chiller: next time put valve on in side not out side.

Shopping list:
Disconnect o-rings 


2.11.13 - Yeast pitched

2.15.13 -- Fermentation temps between 66-70. Gravity down around 1.020 (laundry room) already. Though it was still sweet (of course) the toastiness from the Victory malt and the flavors from the late hops (dankness from Columbus and Orange peel (light) from Simcoe) are already showing to be very nice.

2.22.13 -- Hall batch down to 1.015 (70% attenuation) - close if not finished already. The mash temp (153) seems to be keeping the FG higher (intended). Balance between malty/toasty - bitterness - hop flavor are all what I wanted. This will be very drinkable.

4.4.13 -- Tasting Tomahawk!!

Appearance: Dark gold / light copper with a fluffy white and persistent head. Clear, but not quite brilliant.

Aroma: A spicy and citrus-like hop aroma up front followed by toasty and bready from the malt. Light fruity (peach, honey, etc) esters. A small  bit of rustic graininess from the wheat. Dominant aroma is like citrus peels.

Flavor: Not a rowdy beer flavor-wise. Toasted malts are the first wave, then followed by medium-high bitterness. Bitterness is clean and not at all harsh. Aftertaste features citrus hop flavors (lemon, orange peels) as well as bready and toasty flavors. Hop bitterness lasts long into the finish. Finish is medium-dry with a small touch of sweetness. 

Mouthfeel: Medium-light bodied with medium-low carbonation. Some creamy texture and no alcohol warmth or astringency. Bitternes leaves a light biting sensation on the tongue.

Overall: I am pleased with the drinkability of this beer as well as the flavor controbutions from such a sessionable recipe. I am liking Columbus hops the more I use them. I entered this beer as an ESB in a competition in St. Louis, and I think with the gravity, English character, hop and malt flavor levels, it fits that category well.