Jun 21, 2009

Rustic Farmhouse Ale 2009

this recipe is for 7 gallons since this will be the first time I am using my keggle. There may be more evaporation, and I want to be sure I have at least 5.5 gallons to put in the fermenter.

Malt and Adjuncts:
10.5 lbs Pilsneer Malt
1.5lb Munich I
1.5lb Rye Malt
2lbs Wheat Malt
1lb Piloncillo in Boil

1.5oz Sterling (7%AA) -- 60 minutes
1oz Mt. Hood (6%AA) -- 20 minutes
1oz East Kent Goldings (5.6%AA) -- ten minutes
IBUS should be around 42

Pre-brewday notes:
-Use the strike water calculator on Promash so you do not have to prime the tun with boiling water. This should save at least an hour.
-Same recipe as last one with minor hop adjustments (Sterling instead of Saaz / Boil 60 minutes instead of 90).

7.2.09 -- Decided to go a different direction. Thinking of a split batch Amber Lager / Belgian Amber.