Dec 23, 2017

Pecan Smoke

Pecan Smoke

1.048 - 1.007

23 IBU

5.4% ABV


15 lbs Weyermann Pilsner Malt
12 lbs Home Pecan Smoked Pilsner Malt*
2 lbs Caramunich
1 lb Melanoiden Malt
1 lb Carafoam

2 ml Lactic Acid in Mash

* About the smoked malt: Having a grain mill has finally allowed me to smoke my own malt. I did so using my Webber Kettle grill, a vegetable grilling basket, and some steel window screen. Batches of about five pounds of Weyermann Pilsner malt were wet with about 2 cups of distilled water, then smoked on a fire that was cooler than 200º. Pecan came from limb that fell in the yard 2-3 years ago, and has been cut and dried since. I smoked a total of 14-15 lbs of malt.


1.25 oz Magnum (12.9% AA)


Full Water Sheet

11 gal Strike Water ( a little thinner than 1:3 so to avoid stuck mash (i'm scared)).

Yeast: 2206 -- Propigated from DAS Beer 4 and grown up in beaker.

Brewday Notes:

  • Mill Set to .41: No stuck circulation.
  • Heat Switch Failure on EBC III. Had to unwire plugs and directly plug in boil kettle. It really sucked until I figured how to wire plugs. EBC III needs to go back to High Gravity for repairs, and I need to work to put all my connections back together.
Strike Temp: 151
Mash Temp: 151 (it was slightly after mash-in that the heat switch failed. The HLT stayed just warm enough to complete the mash)
First Runnings: I did not record this since I was freaking out about electricity.
Total Boil: 19 gallons / 1.047
Post Boil: 17 gallons / 1.054
New Volume: 19 gallons / 1.048
Fermentation Temp: 54º Ambient

Extra Beer in Glass Carboy:
About 4 gallons @ 1.048 + One Gallon Spring Water = 5 gallons @ 1.038
Pitched one packet of S-04 - Fermenting in hall (high sixties to low seventies in box)