Mar 22, 2014

New Brewery Pale Ale

Drunkenness is Loyalty, Sobriety is Treason

New Brewery Pale Ale

1.050 - 1.010

42 IBU

5.25% ABV

This is the first beer brewed on my new electric HERMS system. The idea is to make something simple that may need adjustment at the end. I will not calculate hop additions until I know the gravity of the wort, but will aim for something close to 1:1 BU:GU. This is loosely based on Samuel Smith's Old Brewery Pale Ale, with obvious changes (flaked wheat, etc.).

The Malts:

16# Marris Otter
2# Flaked Wheat
.5# Crystal 60L
.33# Chocolate Wheat

The Hops

Will calculate after mashing.
Goal is for around .80 BU:GU

1 oz Magnum (11.5% AA) -- 60 Minutes
1 oz East KEnt Goldings (7.2% AA) -- 30 Minutes
1 oz Eat Kent Goldings (7.2% AA) - 15 minutes
.84 BU:GU


Strike water should be 6.25 gallons (manufacturer recommends 1 gallon per 3 lbs of grain)
Sparge until there are 14 gallons in boil kettle

Notes and Reflections:

Mashing at around 158 I had the temperature set to 156 differential seems to be about 2° so I turned it down to 155

Gravity during mash out near 1.084.

Increase to mash out is quite slow probably due to the similarities in temperature between the match out and the hot liquor tank. Raised the temperature in the hot liquor tank from 170° to 175°.

Pre-boil gravity 1.040.
 Final gravity 1.050.

I need to remember drinking a lot of beer while brewing (especially the first time using a new system is a terrible idea. The secret beer game was a fun one, but i was kinda distracted at the end of the brew which made it a little less enjoyable than it normally would have been. There were plenty of distractions at the time, and I may not have dealt with them well. I had to weigh my remaining hops this morning to be sure I did not forget the 15 minute addition.

4.4.14 -- Checked gravity today (around 1.013), but the biggest note is the harsh bitter aftertaste that I hope will fade. Though fermentation is complete, I still consider this beer to be young, so perhaps. I also wonder if there is a chance I made an error in calculating IBUs.
4.14.14 -- Kegged the first bucket (gravity 1.010). The harsh bitter aftertaste has disappeared, though there is still plenty bitter in the finish. This will be good cool and carbonated.

12.21.14 -- Drank the last of this the other day. I want to improve on this recipe and give it another go. Instead of the 1275, I think I will stick with S-04 or trying something different (maybe 1968). I will lover the IBUS to closer to 35, perhaps lower if I decrease the O.G.