Jul 5, 2014

The Illustrious Merkin Gherkin

One-Hundredth Post on The Merkinpatch

The Illustrious Merkin Gherkin

1.045 - 1.001
15.5 IBU

Merkin Splendor

1.045 - 1.001
15.5 IBU

19lbs Belgian Pilsner


1.5 oz Willamette %AA-- 60 min


The Illustrious Merkin Gherkin: Wyeast 3711 (second gen (washed))

Merkin Splendor: Culture of Wyeast 1275 (second gen (washed)), sludge from primary fermentation of Temptation Toad, dregs of two bottles of Orval


19lbs grain = 6.333 gallons strike water

Adjuncts and Additives
(I can't believe I did not write this down, but I think it was near 2)lbs Diva Cucumbers from Dogwood Farm added second week of primary fermentation
35 mL 88%Lactic Acid (5 ml / G)

Mash Schedule
30 min @ 122
60 min @ 152
5 min @ 168

Brewday Notes and Reflections

Mashed in at 8:35 AM.
First runnings 1.078.
Pre-boil gravity 1.035.
Final gravity 1.045.
Finished cleaning at 3:30 PM.


7.9.14 - pitched yeast both beers. Activity in Merkin Splendor very quick (maybe because I can see it (glass)). Ambient around 70 degrees (both).
7.14.14 - Merkin Gherkin has been naturally climbing in temperature -- hanging in at around 80.
7.23.14 - Gravity 1.001. Cucumber flavor is a bit more vegetal than I thought it would be. Adding lactic acid and kegging.

Merkin Splendor Notes
8.2014 - Gravity reads 1.001. Racked to secondary with 1oz Medium toast Hungarian oak chips. This is a departure from my normal procedure (though more traditional)where I add oak at the end of the souring process.

Prime with 9.44oz dextrose for 4.25 volumes CO2