Nov 3, 2014

Bloody Hell to Pay

Bloody Hell to Pay

1.052 - 1.005
6.2% ABV
56 IBU

The Fermentables:

15 lbs Marris Otter
2 lbs Toasted Oats
2 lbs Carastan
.5 lb Speacial Roast
3 oz Chocolate Wheat

The Hops:

1 oz EKG (7.2% AA) - 60 min
.5 oz Willamette (4.7% AA) - 30 min
.5 oz EKG (7.2% AA) - 30 min


1275 from washed cultures (3qts starter each (decanted))


6.5 gallons strike water (made for a thick mash with oats)

Brewday notes and reflections:

First, one of the connectors for the thermometers is broken, so I had to switch the remaining one back and forth, which was a pain in the ass. This, coupled with the thick mash with oats, made maintaining a constant mash temperature more difficult than it should have been. We'll call it 155-156 for an hour.

Then the other wire fails. Close to an hour later and a few calls to the manufacturer, I decide to go old school. The problem is that the largest pot I have left is 6 gal, so I start by draining six gallons of wort into the pot, and about 4.5 more into a keg. At first I think making two different beers is the way, but after I had already begun boiling and hopping the first beer, I realize that I have to get it all into the large electric boil pot to drain through the pump and chiller to sanitize those. Thankfully the first boil got it to around 180.

I now have to make my second beer similar to the first in IBUs, though I have different amounts of hops:

Beer One:
.75oz EKG 7.2 - 60
.5oz Will 4.7 - 30
.5oz EKG 7.2 - 30
1oz Fugg 4.3 - 15
1oz EKG 7.2 - 15

Beer Two:
.75oz EKG 7.2 - 60
1oz Fugg 4.3 - 30
.5oz EKG - 7.2 - 15

Ended up with about 8 gallons in all. One keg fermenter only half full.

Finished much lower than I wanted or expected. Initially beer tasted a little thin. This may be because of this being 2nd generation of this yeast. Had similar results with Floyd the Barber (1.051 - 1.006).

Added 1.5 oz med toast French oak chips ( which I fear may have been too much) to the keg that was about half full for one week. Hooked the plain one up first in hopes of some of that oak flavor mellowing a bit.