Feb 15, 2009

Bohunk + Extra Challenger Extra Pale

This was originally going to be a parti-gyle batch, but I decided running ten gallons off into a big tub, and then separating them. They will be the same gravity that way. The Bohunk batch will be six gallons (pre-boil), and the Extra Challenger Extra Pale will be four -- for a total of ten.

I wanted to make the second beer to use the Challenger hops I have wasting away in my freezer. Since I will be using all of the four ounces I still have, the Extra Challenger Extra Pale is going to be quite the hopster.

Target Gravity for both beers:
O.G = 1.064

The Malts:
20 lbs Pilsner
2.5 lbs Munich I
1.25 lbs Carahel
1.25 lbs Carapils

Bohunk Hops:
54.6 IBU
1 oz Sterling (7% AA) -- 90 minutes
1 oz Sterling (7% AA) -- 45 minutes
1 oz Sterling (7% AA)-- fifteen minutes (with a whirlfloc)
Bohunk Yeast:
Wyeast Urquell

Extra Challenger Extra Pale Hops:
57 IBU
(1/2 teaspoon gypsum in boil)
1 oz Challenger (7% AA) -- 60 minutes
1 oz Challenger (7% AA) -- 15 minutes
1 oz Challenger (7% AA) -- 5 minutes
1 oz Challenger (7% AA) -- Dry
Extra Challenger Extra Pale Yeast:
Wyeast Ringwood Ale

2.28.09 -- Gravity on Bohunk measuring 1.036, so I need to wait a little longer before starting diacetyl rest. This batch seems to be taking a little longer, and that could be due the age and generation of the yeast.
3.01.09 -- Gravity measured 1.028. Started dyacetyl rest.
3.10.09 -- Extra Pale racked into secondary. I was not paying as close attention as I should have, and it overflowed a little -- losing about 25% of the dry hop addition. Bohunk also racked into secondary and put in the cooler at 34 degrees.
4.6.09 -- Kegged Extra Pale, but did not check gravity. If it fermented all the way, it should be 1.019. which would make the ABV around 5.8%
4.15.09 -- I have had several glasses of the extra pale, yet I still do not know what to think of it. I do not think I can recommend using Challenger hops in this quantity. The bitterness is harsh, and the hop flavor, what may be called 'floral' tastes like rotten roses and earth in this amount. The beer is clean and dry, but the bitterness is just weird and challenging to say the least.
4.25.09 -- Dumped the remainder of the Extra Challenger out. Not a complete loss since I learned something valuable. Kegged the Oily Bohunk and hooked it up to the gas. I took a little sample and can already tell that this beer is going to be the shit.
5.1.09 -- Sampling Bohunk and it is as good as ever. I seem to have had to sample it three times today already.
5.13.09 -- Maybe not "as good as ever". The hop profile is not a spicy as it has been in the past. I think if I check my records, I used mosty Sterling for my last Bohunk with a little Saaz added at the end. That may be the difference. Also, the Urquell yeast I used for this batch was on its third or fourth generation, so that could have also resulted in mild quality issues. Still a solid beer, but I feel I could have done a little better here.