Jun 26, 2007

I am a Pussy.

Have you tried this shit? I am surprised I am willing to admit I like it. This is coming from a guy who thinks Zima, or any beer with raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, or vanilla -- SUCK.
To top it all off, this is Light Beer. Damn.
I am not going to link to their site since Miller doesn't need my help.
In commemoration of my realization that I am at least partially pussy, here is a pussy ass song that I fuckin love. Sing it every time.
New Podcast soon. . .

Jun 12, 2007

Groove Me

As hard as it is for me to pick my favorite anything, especially songs, Groove Me has to be up there.

The original by King Floyd, you have probably heard many times.

Download Groove Me by King Floyd

King Floyd's version of this song was not the first I heard, though. That honor goes to Jake and Elwood Blues. Briefcase Full of Blues opens with a altered redition of the song, but I did not understand the jokes at the time; I was eleven or so.

Later, I would run into another version of Groove Me by Leroy Sibbles. This may be the version I enjoy most these days, probably because I have heard the other two so many times.

Jun 5, 2007

Episode III

1. Fuckin' You Tonight -- The Nororious B.I.G.
2. Informer -- Snow
3. Poke Chop Sandwich -- ZZ Top
4. Allah Wakbarr -- Ofo the Black Company
*Kinda Laid Back -- Birdy Nam Nam*
5. In My Time of Dyin' -- Bob Dylan
6. No More ?s -- Easy - E
7. Under Me Sleng Teng -- Wayne Smith
8. Got Me Wrong -- Alice in Chains
*The Pusher -- Chenard Walcker*
9. Dial 7 -- Digable Planets
10. Running to Stand Still -- U2
11. Crookie Monster -- Agalla
12. Floyd the Barber -- Nirvana
13. In Da Wind -- Trick Daddy, Big Boi, Cee-Lo, Vaughn Mason & Crew
14. Cock Stiff and Hard -- George Anthony
15. Guerreiro -- Curumin