Jan 15, 2011

Milk and Bread

Milk and Bread: 1.044 -- 1.011 -- 4.7% ABV

During snomageaddon 2011, I did not leave the house for six days. I brewed this beer using snow and the ingredients I had at the house. This is also my first time fermenting in a keg.

Bread and Milk
Style: Cream Ale
OG: 1.044
ABV: 4.7
Calories: 144
IBU's: 24.56
Boil Size: 3.50
Color: 3.2 SRM \
\Batch Size: 3.00 Gal
Boil Time: 60 minutes

HopsAmountIBU'sNameTimeAA %
0.50 ozs 16.41 Styrian Goldings 60 mins 5.400
.50 ozs 8.15 Styrian Goldings 15 mins 5.400
.30 ozs0.00 Styrian Goldings 0 mins 5.40
YeastsAmountNameLaboratory / ID1.0 pkgS-05fermentis 0000

1.30.11 -- racked the beer from the fermenter keg into the serving keg using my new jumper for the first time. I think things went very smoothly, and I look forward to fermenting a full batch of beer in a keg. I purchased some fermcap so I could do so. The beer tasted very dry and crisp. I think it will drink well in a month or two when there is room in the fridge. In the mean time, it will condition at 40 degrees until I brew the next batch of lager -- then it will sit at the fermentation temp of that beer.