Jun 5, 2007

Episode III

1. Fuckin' You Tonight -- The Nororious B.I.G.
2. Informer -- Snow
3. Poke Chop Sandwich -- ZZ Top
4. Allah Wakbarr -- Ofo the Black Company
*Kinda Laid Back -- Birdy Nam Nam*
5. In My Time of Dyin' -- Bob Dylan
6. No More ?s -- Easy - E
7. Under Me Sleng Teng -- Wayne Smith
8. Got Me Wrong -- Alice in Chains
*The Pusher -- Chenard Walcker*
9. Dial 7 -- Digable Planets
10. Running to Stand Still -- U2
11. Crookie Monster -- Agalla
12. Floyd the Barber -- Nirvana
13. In Da Wind -- Trick Daddy, Big Boi, Cee-Lo, Vaughn Mason & Crew
14. Cock Stiff and Hard -- George Anthony
15. Guerreiro -- Curumin


Molly said...

I'm trying to listen Merkinman, but i'm getting a server busy error...I'll try again in a bit.

MERK! said...

That sucks. The other episodes seem to be working.

Bostick said...

I got Chief Noc-a-homas autograph. He was tearing up a plate of wings at pitty pats porch in Atlanta and got bbq sauce all over the the damn thing.