Apr 25, 2007

Episode II

1. Sunny Land -- Elmore James
2. Matchbox -- Lead Belly
3. Something's got a Hold of Me -- Etta James
4. From Four 'til Late -- Robert Johnson
5. Big Legs, Tight Skirt -- John Lee Hooker
6. Love in Vain -- Robert Johnson
7. I Just Want to Make Love to You -- Muddy Waters
8. They're Red Hot -- Robert Johnson
9. Stavin' Chain -- Lil Johnson
10. Don't You Make Me High -- Merline Johnson
11. I'm Gonna Keep My Hair Parted -- Washboard Sam and His Washboard Band
12. Whinin' Boy -- Jelly Roll Morton
13. Spoonfull -- Howlin' Wolf
14. Mojo Hand -- Lightin' Hopkins
15. I Ain't Drunk -- Albert Collins
16. The Criminal Inside Me -- R.L. Burnside


Erin O'Brien said...


Nice place you got here. Where is the mustache ride button?

Bostick said...

whats with all the red and black? you a bulldog?

I got your email. Ill hook you up.

Bostick said...

Stop trying to put your pecker in the boob milk pump.

Tim Young said...

Wow. I love the quality of your comments ... so you like the Contrast Podcast? Why not come and take part .. we like new contributors .. especially ones who aren't sure what to do with their peckers. T.

BV said...

Have you ever checked out pandora.com? It's actually pretty cool. I mean you can't download any of the music, but it's got some really great tools. I've been listening for going on 5 hours now. It would be great for parties and shit. Just thought I'd share since you have such a musical hard on.

Vincent said...

While I certainly won't comment on what to do with the pecker, I will say that you've got a pretty good mix here. First time visitor. I'll subscribe and blogroll you next time I log on.