Jun 12, 2007

Groove Me

As hard as it is for me to pick my favorite anything, especially songs, Groove Me has to be up there.

The original by King Floyd, you have probably heard many times.

Download Groove Me by King Floyd

King Floyd's version of this song was not the first I heard, though. That honor goes to Jake and Elwood Blues. Briefcase Full of Blues opens with a altered redition of the song, but I did not understand the jokes at the time; I was eleven or so.

Later, I would run into another version of Groove Me by Leroy Sibbles. This may be the version I enjoy most these days, probably because I have heard the other two so many times.


Bostick said...

Oh hellz yeah. Back up on it.

Bostick said...

I cant believe you wrote something! its been a year dude.

carrie said...

Can't believe you got the stepfather of soul to comment on your stuff. There are people out there listening to this you know!

The Stepfather of Soul said...

You can never go wrong with "Groove Me" - there's something about that groove, particularly that bass line! I remember hearing the tune for the first time on a CD when I was in college and getting HOOKED. I must've played it about 90 times in a row! I also enjoy the Sibbles version (I suppose that if Wardell Quezerque's production style cribbed a little reggae for "Groove Me" and "Mr. Big Stuff," it's not too big a stretch that reggae artists could easily cover both).

As for Carrie's comment, your stuff is great! :)

Nedra said...

Well said.