Dec 15, 2012

Black and Mild

Black and Mild

1.043 - 1.013

3.9% ABV

28 IBU

Sine Yo Piddy on the Runny Kine

Gold Medal -- Olde Hickory Pro-Am, Hickory, NC

The Malts:
7 lbs Marris Otter
5 lbs British 2-row
1.25 lbs Chocolate Wheat
1 lb 60L Crystal
1 lb Flaked Maize
1lb 6-row

The Hops:

1oz Fuggles (5%AA) -- 60 minutes
1oz Challenger (7.7%AA) -- 30 minutes
1oz Fuggles (5%AA) -- 20 minutes


7 gallons Strike Water
at least 9 gallons Sparge Water

Brewday Notes:
Mashed at 156 for an hour

Sparge was too cool: grain temp 153

First runnings 1.079

Second runnings 1.060

Original Gravity: 1.043

Brewday Reflections:
Everything went very well with the exception of the sparge being a bit too cool, which may have turned out to be a good thing since the O.G. turned out to be 1.043. It may have been a little too high if my sparge temp had been normal. The low temp was due to using a different thermometer -- the one I intended to use got dumped into the mash with the grain. The thermometer I then had to use registered about 15 degrees higher than the one installed on my tun. Apparently that was not correct because my sparge water was cooler (apparently) than I thought it would be.


Safale s-04
Pitched 12.16.12 (62 ambient)


12.24.12 -- Gravity reads around 1.014. May be done (3.8 ABV if it is). Flavor and aroma is very bready / toasty. Some UK (earthy) hops in the aroma. Bitterness seems good, but overshadowed by the toastiness. Carbonation can change this.

12.27.12 -- five gallons racked into cask and primed for 2.3 volumes.

1.13.13 -- The other half kegged and pressurized.

2.15.13 -- Cask to be served on 2.17.13.

4.15.13 -- Tasting Black and Mild. I completed this BJCP scoresheet since the judges at the Old Hickory Pro-Am used the simpler first round scoresheets that are intended for weeding out entries in very large competitions, or for BOS rounds. They gave this beer a 45; I gave it a 41.

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