Jul 16, 2012

Ugly American Yella Beer

Ugly American Yella Beer
1.045 - 1.0??
44 IBU

6.5 lbs 6-row
2.5 lbs Flaked Maize

1 oz Cluster (6.8% AA) -- 60 min
1 oz Saaz (3% AA) -- 30 min
1 oz Saaz (3% AA) -- 15 min (with whirlfloc)

US-05 Dry

The Mash:
20 min 125 -- ph 5.3
30 min 146 -- ph 4.8
30 min 152 -- ph 6.6
10 min 168

7.16.12 -- Pitched yeast
7.20.12 -- Most active fermentation seems to have passed (62-68F)


11.3.12 -- Okay, so dumb ass me can't find where I wrote down the final gravity, though I know I took a reading and wrote it somewhere. I remember this being in the high 80s as far as attenuation goes. Initially, this beer had a sour-ish off-flavor that I could not place, but it also should be noted that I took this one out of cold conditioning much sooner (perhaps a month) than the other Ugly American(s) (1911 too). The lesson learned here is that this beer needs at least two months of cold conditioning. I had a couple glass of this last night, and it was much improved from the first pulls almost a month ago when I hooked it up.

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