Jul 13, 2007

Episode IV

Okay, so episode four is my old episode two -- you know, one of those reissue type things designed to take advantage of my recent surge in notoriety. Dig it.


1. Subway to Venus -- Red Hot Chili Peppers

2. Biscuits for Smut -- Helmet

3. Please Don't Touch -- Motorhead

4. Drinkin' Woman -- Lightnin' Hopkins

5. Shave 'em Dry -- Lucile Bogan

6. You're the One -- The Black Keys

7. Bam Bam -- Sister Nancy

8. Ice Cream Man -- John Brim

10. Shot of Love -- P.J. Harvey

11. Nobody Does it Better -- Radiohead

12. Done Gone Blue -- Los Lobos

13. In My Time of Dyin' -- Bob Dylan

14. What's the Use of Getting Sober? -- Louis Jordan

15. Looks Like I'm into Something Good -- Langley Music Project


Bostick said...

Aight.. I liked it.

Stick said...

Like my new Avatar?

MERK! said...

That's reeeel nice.